All-ceramic or classic with all-round veneered metal frame


A crown is the part of a tooth that protrudes freely from the jaw. The natural crown of the tooth can be partially or completely replaced by an artificial crown.


Ceramic Crown

The artificial crown is firmly attached to the tooth and resembles a natural tooth crown in size, shape and color. It can be attached not only to the natural tooth but also to an implant.



The Onlay

is a saddle-shaped partial crown which is inserted into the molars. Unlike a filling, the onlay covers and protects the entire occlusal surface.

Crowns not only improve the appearance of misshapen teeth, they also help replace large defects in the tooth structure and protect the tooth from further deterioration.


Veneers / Lumineers

are wafer-thin ceramic bowls, which are produced in a highly complex process in the dental laboratory, individually adapted to the teeth which are to be restored. Especially in aesthetic corrections of the anterior teeth, veneers are made and glued directly to the tooth. Splintered or twisted teeth can thereby be aesthetically corrected and help to give a gleaming white smile.